Berly series 1400Y1 Bathroom Vanity with top

  • Minimalist style: the designer skillfully uses the structural lines of the material itself, fully releases his personality, and is simple but different with distinct layers. With the noble fish maw and white rock board table, the cabinet adopts the current popular cherry gray, which is chic and elegant.



  • The cabinet is made of top-grade wood, stable and environment-friendly, with high-quality multi-layer solid wood, high-temperature hot pressing technology, imported glue, professional technology, moisture-proof and deformation proof.
  • Backlit led mirror, soft light, comfortable atmosphere, 4000 color neutral light, moderate temperature. Imported silver mirror, beautiful and clear image, fast fogging, aluminum alloy back frame is firm and reliable;
  • Imported haitishi luxury metal pump, open and close drawer silent, stable and reliable, push and pull smoothly;
  • German Huiyu anchor bolt makes the load-bearing capacity of the hanging cabinet stronger. Durable and safer.
  • 15mm fish-maw-white rock board, beautiful, natural and clear texture, hard and waterproof.
  • 5 level high-grade Pu pure flavor paint process, delicate handle, natural color, high-grade comfort, environmental protection, durable, strong adhesion, waterproof, anti-oxidation, no discoloration, full color, good texture.

Cabinet: mainly Southeast Asia oak + solid wood panel.
Table top: imported pure natural marble
Color: antique white, dark brown, black,gray
table top:1400x490x15mm


Lead Time:30days about